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About Greg Kimmet

Greg, Home Inspection Services in Monmouth County, NJ

Greg Kimmet has worked in the lath and plaster industry for over 30 years and provides an extensive knowledge of EIFS and stucco systems, project management, moisture intrusion and mitigation, troubleshooting, installation specifications, and code compliance. Having successfully managed thousands of installations he offers a practical approach to an ever changing industry.

The demand for precise project planning and review, third party inspections, and completed installation inspections have become a requirement for  successful construction and building maintenance. The adapted construction codes provide only the minimum acceptable standards and deviation from such can result in a system failure, leakage, and structural decay. In addition most manufacturer warranties will be void if installation specifications are not diligently followed.

Let an independent consultant weigh in on the design, the plan, and the execution for a long lasting product.

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